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Staying connected to your deepest values as you work for change! 

Business consulting for team building and organizational change.

Key messages you have a challenge:

  • You look back on past events and are uncomfortable with how you reacted.
  • People your team works with give negative feedback.
  • You get feedback that is generic and does not reflect your teams’ impact on the client. 

What I Believe:

Staying connected to your deepest values as you work for change is the only way real change happens. When you are disconnected from those values you inadvertently recreate the old world. 

Everything we say and do reflects our assumptions and beliefs, both those we consciously espouse, and especially those we hold unconsciously. Every team that wants to make a real difference in the world needs to reflect on and change unconscious beliefs and connections that prevent it from living its deepest values. 

This can. happen when:

  • You face difficult or stressful situations,
  • You are pushed by larger forces to go against your values,
  • You see team relationships reflecting old ways of thinking. 

Emily Newberry is a consultant and thought partner. She will work with your team to uncover the ways in which your team gets knocked off its true path. She will help you have the conversation you need to have if you are to live your deepest values more consistently. To explore how we can work together email:

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